Head over to KicksVogue to buy the Nike Air Fear of God 1 now

Head over to KicksVogue to buy the Nike Air Fear of God 1 now
If you talk about the co-branded king of the sneakers last year, OFF-WHITE x Nike’s “The Ten” series is almost the answer for everyone. This year, when OFF-WHITE x Nike was no longer in the past, Nike chose the next joint object early, that is Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear Of God. Nike Air Fear Of God 1, a pair of basketball shoes priced at USD395, after a complete experience, Xiaobian concluded that the luxury configuration specifications are worthy of this pricing!

The shoe box uses a striking pale orange color, without too much decorative embellishment, but it will give people a sense of advanced. When you open it, you will see a black shoe bag with the words “Air” and handwritten “Fear Of God”. Each shoe and accessory has a separate package in liquid silver, which is very futuristic and can be shocked without seeing the shoes. The accessories for a pair of shoes are very rich, in addition to a translucent frosted plaque with logo on both sides, there are different color lace buckles and two laces. Can’t wait to take out the shoes, you can see that the whole pair of shoes have continued the Fear of God simple high street design style. Super high-top style, simple lines and color matching, completely complete is the appearance of a pair of high street fashion shoes. There is no complicated texture on the outsole, and the design of the concentric circles is still very simple and practical. The double-layer fabric at the rear zipper prevents the ankle from coming into direct contact with the zipper for an uncomfortable foot feel. At the same time, the logo of the leather material is printed on the inner layer. In a simple detail, it can be seen that it is completely different from other shoes. Take out the insole and you will see that there is no midsole for the shoes. Under the insole, you can see the Zoom air cushion covering the whole palm. In particular, there is a double-layer Zoom cushioning at the heel. After wearing it, you can feel the soft bullet of the Zoom air cushion under your feet!

Head over to KicksVogue to buy the Nike Air Fear of God 1 now Head over to KicksVogue to buy the Nike Air Fear of God 1 now Head over to KicksVogue to buy the Nike Air Fear of God 1 now

It is worth noting that the black and grey uppers are completely different in material, and the black version of the upper uses suede and mesh. The grey texture is even better, and the upper is made of high quality lychee leather. You should never compare the work of Nike ordinary shoes with this pair of shoes. This is really a pair of shoes that can reach the level of luxury workmanship! Every detail is handled very carefully, almost to the extreme, and even in a lot of casual details have paid a high cost.

To be honest, we saw the shadow of Air Yeezy in this pair of Nike Air Fear Of God 1. Compared to his grandfather, Jerry Lorenzo is a lesser-known player, but he has become a star manager in recent years. Coupled with Nike’s top-notch propaganda and the charm of the shoes themselves, they are likely to become the next myth of the sneakers.