Off-White Futura Nike Dunk Low OW FL UNC

In the past two years, the OFF-WHITE x Nike series co-branded, after the two pairs of Air Max 90 at the beginning of the year, there is no new market for sale.

However, during this period, there are quite a few new spy photos. Recently, the manager Virgil Abloh personally produced two pairs of new OFF-WHITE x Futura x Nike Dunk tripartite shoes.

Off-White Futura Nike Dunk Low OW FL UNC Off-White Futura Nike Dunk Low OW FL UNC Off-White Futura Nike Dunk Low OW FL UNC Off-White Futura Nike Dunk Low OW FL UNC

This collection is based on SB Dunk Low and features UNC color matching and New York color matching. The overall temperament is similar to the previous one, but the design style has a different concept from the “The Ten” series.

The most eye-catching is the carabiner and elastic band running through the body. The outdoor function is full of temperament, which not only enriches the level of the shoe, but also is an unprecedented new deconstruction design. The inside of the shoe has a common text decoration, and the “SHOELACES” label on the shoelace is still the design language of OFF-WHITE. The UNC color scheme is like the low-end version of the previous Air Jordan 1, and the overall color scheme is still simple. The white leather of the shoe has a worn-out treatment, and the heel is embellished with the FL joint logo. The New York color scheme is decorated with graffiti elements on the upper and the body of the shoe, and the overall style is quite street style. The Futura and Virgil signatures are hidden under the outsole of the two pairs of shoes. In the form of a graffiti-style hand sign, it presents a casual street texture. From the video from Virgil, you can feel the inspiration and design style of this collaboration.

The Off-White x Nike Dunk Low has not yet been released, which has already caused heated discussion in the media at home and abroad. It is estimated that when the sale is really going on, it will be a storm. Interested partners can click BUY NOW to follow early pairs.